Frequent anxiety and difficulty sleeping? Maybe You Have Anxiety Disorder

You often feel excessive anxiety, there is a possibility that you experience anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder. Especially if you lack sleep. Indeed the difference between anxiety disorder and normal anxiety is still unclear. Quoted from ayahuasca, if you feel the following symptoms you should immediately plan a meeting with your doctor. One symptom of anxiety disorder is too much worrying about all kinds of things. You feel worried almost every day in 6 months. In fact, worry makes your activities disturbed. Not infrequently you also experience fatigue because of it. The difference between an anxiety disorder and normal anxiety is that your emotions make you suffer and experience dysfunction. Difficulty sleeping or not sleeping well is often associated with health problems, both physical and mental. If you often wake up with anxiety or worry, whether it’s specific or not, you may experience anxiety disorders.

According to research half of sufferers of anxiety disorder or anxiety disorders experience problems with sleep. In addition to sleep disorders, people often feel certain symptoms when they wake up, such as feeling touched, hasty, and having difficulty calming themselves. Some symptoms of anxiety disorders occur specifically. For example, fear of heights or animals, not comfortable with crowds or narrow places. This is often referred to as a phobia. Phobias themselves include anxiety disorders. Sometimes, phobias are not realized by the sufferer. The sufferer just knows that he has a phobia when dealing with situations that he cannot handle himself. One symptom of anxiety disorder is often grinding your teeth or clenching your hands unconsciously. This symptom has become a habit for sufferers so it is difficult to eliminate. Regular exercise is known to reduce these symptoms. If you are used to it, don’t get injured or miss your exercise schedule. Winston warned that this could aggravate the tension in the muscles. Patients will be easily agitated and quickly offended.

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