Looking for Dolls for Children? Watch This!

Having children is the most beautiful gift, so many parents try to keep their children smiling and happy. One of them is by giving toys. Now there are lots of toys for babies, one of the favorite toys is a unique and cute baby doll.

Choosing dolls for children especially infants/toddlers are not allowed to be careless. There are several things that can be taken into consideration, for example adjusting to the age of the baby. This is important because it relates to security and usability. Here are tips on choosing a quality and a safe doll for babies. You can also find Christmas gift for a child under $30 by visiting our website.

Quality and Safe Material

In the market, there are many types of dolls with various ingredients. Avoid choosing dolls that contain chemicals. Also avoid dolls that use accessories such as bracelets or necklaces, because babies will be attracted and pulled or put into the mouth because they are considered food.

Do not choose dolls that hunt and fall easily because they are dangerous for babies. Choose a doll that uses soft material and strong seams. Make sure the doll is easy to wash and is not easily deflated when finished washing. Make sure the inside contents are safe materials such as Dacron. Avoid choosing a doll whose contents consist of patchwork and leftover foam. Make sure the material does not wear off easily and is durable or durable. If you want to choose a doll that has an ornament, you should choose the ornament from embroidery and the part of the face made of the material that is not easily separated.

Adjust the Size of Dolls with Baby’s Body Size

Buying a safe doll is adjusted to the size of his body. The size of a doll that is too large can make a baby scared. Besides that babies tend to be curious and try to carry a doll, this can endanger the baby. Dolls that are too small are also dangerous because babies can bite and even swallow dolls. So you should choose a baby doll whose size is at least the size of a baby’s hand and the size does not exceed the baby’s body.