Wifi Installation Mistakes: How People Can Avoid It

Another thing that is the reason why you need our help even before installing wifi is to help you get the initial knowledge. Of course, everyone can easily use the wife. The following are the mistakes to never make when installing the wifi so that is why your business needs Wireless site survey Toronto.

Forgot to turn on WiFi

To connect via WiFi, we must first turn on WiFi on our laptops and smartphones. Sometimes we forget to do it so we can’t connect to the internet.

Firewall Configuration Error

One other reason that you can’t connect is the Firewall configuration that blocks connections. To check it, try turning off the firewall and then restarting the router. If it turns out that the firewall is the cause, then you have to set up the firewall to allow internet connection or WiFi access.

Wrong Password

A common mistake that also often occurs is that you enter the password incorrectly so you cannot connect. Therefore, you must enter the password carefully and also check it again so that this error does not occur.

Not Using a Security System

When connecting via WiFi, your data will be transmitted over the air and can be easily hacked or stolen by others. Therefore you must install various security systems to prevent this from happening such as creating strong passwords, using encryption, using a paid firewall or a default firewall that is on Windows, and also monitoring all your network traffic.

Too Worried About Security

In the previous point we talked about the importance of wireless security so that you might have made a strong password, turned off DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), created MAC (Media Access Control) filters, turned off remote router administration, turned on the firewall on the router, turned on the firewall on the computer, hide the Service Set Identifier (SSID), etc. so you feel safe.