The Early Development of golf courses and equipment

The making of the golf course was then equipped with 11 holes, from the hole closest to the clubhouse until the farthest hole was located at the end of the field. The golf game at that time started from the first hole near the clubhouse to the farthest hole. After the 11th hole has finished playing, the player will turn around and try to play the hole that he has played until it finally reaches the first hole. In this game, golfers must play in 22 holes. In 1767 because the distance between several holes was too close to finally make one. The result is that golf courses currently have 9 holes or a total of 18 holes if played back and forth. As the center of the development of golf, the style and model of the St Andrews golf course began to be imitated by other golf courses. Golf courses with 18 holes are starting to become standard golf courses until now. Aside from that, perhaps you should try the excellent bangkok golf as well.

The Development of Golf Course Equipment

Golf ball equipment and games continue to develop according to technological advancements. Previously the Golf Association in the United States (USGA) had set different standards, sizes, and weights in golf games. The standard is then followed by USGA regulations which have stated that the speed of playing golf at the time of strike should not be able to exceed 76.2 meters per second (250 feet per second).

there was a golf club made from wood-based material that had been taken from the surrounding area. In its development, wood from the hickory tree is used as stick stalks, while for American persimmon wood that is very hard and strong is used as a stick head. At first, the golf ball was a ball made of wood. Around the 17th century, a wooden ball was replaced with a ball of goose feather that had been wrapped in a wrapper bag made from cow leather. Then the ball is pressed when a goose feather and wrapper are still wet and then sewn and painted. After drying, the bag from the skin will shrink and the goose’s feathers will expand so as to produce a hard golf ball.

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