The Importance of Knowing These Things Before Adding CCTV To Your Security System

There are many advantages to using a CCTV security system. If you have a business, then with CCTV Dublin you build a safer work environment, besides producing a business that is more efficient and reduces the risk of theft house security system. What needs to be considered before you install CCTV include:

1. Indoor Outdoor Vs Camera.

Your needs for indoor or outdoor, indoor cameras cannot be used for outdoor, because the camera casing material is not the same. Outdoor cameras are designed to deal with heat and rain

2. Camera Mounting Point

The placement of points for installing the camera can be determined as needed, for the installation of the camera in the room area it can be recommended to use a dome camera with camera placement in the corner of the room, while the outdoor area can use an outdoor camera using a more focused camera angle.

3. Area Area

The area to be monitored. A standard CCTV camera is only able to see a max angle of 70 degrees. So to see a wider area you can calculate how many cameras you need. The following is the model of the coverage area from two different types of cameras.

4. Analog VS IP Camera

What kind of CCTV system is expected, whether ANALOG or IP CAMERA. Analog CCTV is a conventional camera that is installed for security purposes using a recording device in the form of DVR (Digital Video Recorder). IP Camera is an enhancement of analog CCTV, where the image resolution and features offered are wider. The IP Camera makes a video format that facilitates data processing, where camera features can be arranged through software. These features can be in the form of digital zoom, face recognition, motion detection, to built-in microphones and speakers that allow you to interact with the location where the camera is located.

5. Additional tools

Needs for auxiliary items such as cables, adapters, power cables, etc. Using a cable for a very outside area can be more expensive than the amount paid for the camera. For areas like this try using an IP camera.

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