These Are The Two Right Times To Wash Your Carpet

For all those who have carpets in their homes, it certainly will not be easy to maintain the quality of the carpet so that it is always good and can be used for a long time. In addition, another thing that must also be considered is the cleanliness of the carpet. Keeping the carpet clean will make you feel comfortable while on it. Therefore, services from Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches will help you to clean the carpet.

The carpet you have must be cleaned regularly and periodically because dust and dirt can be stuck there for a long time. Below are some of the right times to wash the carpet you have.

1. One time in six months
When your carpet is only used in low intensity or in other words there are not many activities on it, then you can wash your carpet once in six months and vacuum twice a week. This is to prevent the presence of invisible germs that stick to your carpet. basically, carpets do not need to be cleaned frequently in low-intensity applications, but you still have to pay attention that germs will grow as they are in damp and dirty air.

2. One time in three months
For carpets that are often used or that have a high intensity of use, such as carpets that are in the office or living room, then you should wash them in a period of time once in three months and do vacuum one time in three days. this is to keep the carpet clean of mold and bacteria. The carpet used for replacement floor mats is usually the dirtiest and has a lot of dust on it. So this carpet should be washed regularly in a certain period of time.

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